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Creed II and Tessa Thompson on representation

The trailer for Creed II was released this week. This follow-up to the 2015 Rocky sequel and spin-off features Tessa Thompson returning as the hearing-aid-sporting female lead, Bianca.

In a 2015 interview with the Chicago Tribune promoting the film, Thompson discussed the importance of representation and fighting the stigma of hearing loss:

"People with disabilities are hugely underrepresented and not talked about enough in culture, particularly film culture."

Thompson, star of HBO's Westworld and Thor: Ragnarok hoped her role as a strong woman living with hearing loss would help shed that stigma and give an honest portrayal of the disability.

"I think it was important for Bianca to tell the story of someone doing the best that she can," Thompson said. "Would she prefer to not be dealing with that at certain points? Yes. But she also maybe sees it as an opportunity, and it in no way makes her feel like she's not capable."

"If I was someone that was dealing with this and I got to see that on film, it would make me feel really empowered and proud that my story was served. I'm hoping that's how people feel about it," Thompson said.

Read Thompson's full interview and watch the trailer for Creed II.