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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Hearing loss can be difficult. Often times, individuals will notice a change in their hearing but do not seek help until much later, on average, people report waiting seven years before they do. The Center for Hearing & Speech (The Center) is committed to assisting and supporting our clients through their diagnosis and treatment. Each client receives a personalized plan that includes a fitting, hearing health education, hearing aid programming and repair services. We educate our clients on hearing aid use, cleaning, and adjustments, as well. These steps empower our clients to feel safe and comfortable in different environments and improve success. We are constantly improving (innovating) our processes to ensure that we are doing this the best way possible for our patients and clients.

The Center has been awarded funds from the CAREs Act. In support of our commitment to innovation, we plan to enhance our Senior Connections program by providing eligible senior clients a tablet, internet access, and a Wi-Fi hot spot to support social distancing while also minimizing the number of individuals in our facility. Our clients are the most vulnerable during these times, therefore taking extra steps to ensure their safety is important to us. These are clients who received a hearing aid through the Center and the tablet will allow the Center audiologists to diagnose and remotely program the client’s hearing aid.

This grant also supports staff members who serve our senior clients, keeping them connected to their communities, educating them on their new hearing aids and conducting wellness checks.

If you need assistance with your hearing aids or would like to speak with one of our audiologists please call our main clinic at 314-968-4710.

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