The Center provides federally-mandated hearing conservation programs for businesses throughout the Midwest.

Our technicians test employees who work in high-noise environments with professional follow-up counseling and care from our certified and licensed Doctors of Audiology.

With 45 years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we provide the highest quality mobile audiometric testing to more than 25,000 employees annually.

Hearing conservation



Occupational hearing conservation programs are required by the U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA and MSHA to prevent noise-induced hearing loss at work.

Service fees are based on:

  • Number of employees tested

  • Number of shifts

  • Location

  • Specific services rendered


We schedule services to be performed on the dates and times most convenient for your buisness. 

  • On-site testing conducted by Council of Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC)-certified audiometric technicians

  • Doctors of audiology review and assess test results

  • Ongoing support and counseling by certified, licensed audiologists

  • Case history review to evaluate occupational vs. recreational hearing loss 

  • Test instructions in more than 20 languages

  • Mobile units test up to six employees simultaneously in 15-minute cycles

  • Optional immediate test results

  • Center generates employee notification letters

  • Center maintains backup data for OSHA/MSHA reporting


  • All testing meets strict OSHA/MSHA quality standards

Salena Kennedy

Director of Community Services

314-737-5085 ext. 120

314-968-4710 ext. 120

Dr. McKenna Bellamy, AuD. CCC-A

Clinical & Industrial Audiologist

314-968-4710 ext. 112


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As a non-profit, the proceeds from the Center's Hearing Conservation Program help fund our charitable programs.
By choosing to do business with us, you are helping provide essential hearing aids and speech-therapy to the people in our community who can least afford them.

We also assist businesses that have in-house hearing conservation programs.


Using your information, a Center doctor of audiology analyzes and reports OSHA/MSHA-required standard threshold shifts and other hearing trends.