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School Screenings

The School Screening Program offers hearing, tympanometry and vision screenings for children at area elementary schools, daycares and head start programs. Hearing and vision loss are often described as “invisible handicaps,” causing problems that are not easily detected but can be devastating to children as they develop.

These hearing and vision screenings identify problems that are among the most treatable health issues affecting young children. Hearing screenings are performed with portable audiometers and headsets. A child hears a series of beeps to which he/she responds by raising a hand. Tympanometry is performed to detect middle ear problems such as ear infections or fluid behind the eardrum. Vision screenings are done with the latest Haag-Streit Stimuli Advanced Acuity System.

The Center provides follow up information, referral resources, and a caring and competent staff to inform parents and guardians about their child’s health needs. The families of children who do not pass a screening receive referral information and details about the importance of follow-up care as well as a phone call from the Center’s staff to answer any questions. If hearing loss and/or vision problems are detected, parents have the opportunity to act early and receive treatment to address the problem and prevent a potentially long-term, negative impact upon the child’s development.

The School Screening Program has been very successful, steadily growing since its inception in 1969, and the Center continues to seek out new ways to cost-effectively partner with other organizations and increase the number of children screened.

If you are interested in having the School Screening Program come to your school, call the Center for more information. Screenings cost $7 per child, and financial assistance is available for a limited number of schools each year.