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Auditory Processing Disorder

An auditory processing disorder is an impaired ability to follow auditory information despite normal hearing. Children with auditory processing problems may have difficulty following spoken directions or may seem inattentive and distracted. A Center audiologist can identify specific processing problem areas and recommend treatment.

Symptoms of Auditory Processing Disorder

A child with auditory processing disorder may have many of these symptoms:

  • Unusual reaction to sudden or loud sounds
  • Problems recalling names, dates, times, and other information
  • Difficulty identifying the source or location of a sound
  • Poor memory for numbers, letters, words, and other information that is heard
  • Difficulty following simple directions
  • Difficulty following complicated directions
  • Difficulty interpreting abstract information
  • Difficulty with dictated information
  • Easily distracted by noises
  • Performs better in small groups
  • Difficulty with background noises
  • Poor musical abilities
  • Sometimes appears confused
  • Difficulty with spelling and reading
  • Difficulty with math word problems
  • Poor self-esteem and few friends
  • Difficulty with written expression
  • Difficulty with appointments, routines, and chores
  • Unorganized and messy
  • Difficulty with directions that are to be carried out later
  • Asks for statements to be repeated
  • Confuses one sound for another
  • Slow to respond to questions or directions
  • Inappropriate answers to simple questions
  • Inappropriate responses in conversations
  • Speech problem