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Audiology is a health care profession devoted to hearing. The Center’s Audiology Program serves adults and children in the St. Louis area who suffer from hearing loss. More than 28 million Americans—one out of every ten—have some type of hearing loss, which affects approximately 260,000 individuals in the St. Louis metropolitan area alone. Hearing aids can improve communication skills in approximately 95% of hearing impairment cases. However, unidentified or untreated hearing loss can severely limit an individual’s academic, intellectual, and social growth. Left untreated, people with hearing loss often feel lonely and isolated in a world that depends on verbal communication.

The Center’s audiologists are highly educated and trained individuals capable of evaluating and treating most hearing disorders. They determine when someone is in need of a hearing aid, as well as counsel the patient about the benefits and limitations of using a hearing aid. The Center’s audiologists hold either a Master's or Doctorate of Audiology degree, are state licensed and nationally certified. They provide top quality and caring services in the following areas:

Hearing Evaluations
Hearing Aids
Assistive Listening Devices
Auditory Processing Disorder
Hearing Protection

If you think you or someone you know has a hearing loss, call the Center for Hearing & Speech for an evaluation.

Services are provided through some private insurances, Medicaid, Missouri Healthnet, Healthcare USA, Molina and Harmony-Missouri . Financial assistance is available based on documented need.