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Standard American English (SAE)
Accent Acquisition

Accent acquisition training improves speech intelligibility by minimizing first language accents or regional dialects. This program is for anyone who is having difficulty being understood due to a foreign accent or regional dialect.

Individuals with foreign accents may have difficulty pronouncing certain English sounds or may have a different intonation pattern that interferes with their communication skills. In other cases, individuals may have a strong regional dialect and wish to modify it for personal or professional reasons.

During childhood, our ability to acquire language is at its peak. Learning occurs rapidly, unconsciously and without effort. By adolescence, learning a second language becomes a laborious process taking years of study. Pronunciation of a Second language rarely improves with unguided practice. The speech patterns of a native language are deeply ingrained and resistant to change. In addition, English as a Second Language (ESL) programs typically focus more on improving vocabulary and grammar rather than pronunciation skills.

The Center for Hearing & Speech SAE Accent Acquisition Program determines a client’s unique speech patterns by a thorough linguistic analysis of his/her speech. Pronunciation skills in single words, sentences, conversation, and reading are analyzed to discover particular patterns of speaking. With this information, the speech-language pathologist plans an individual program, which focuses on improving production of the specific speech sounds difficult for the client as a non-native speaker.